No worries! The sealed wrapping isn't a necessity; we're just trying to keep fingerprints off your soap! It's actually a good thing to leave it open to air. As the bar loses its excess water content, it becomes a harder bar that will last longer! Since your soap is handmade, it hasn't undergone any industrial drying process - just good old fashioned time. Each bar cures a minimum of 4 weeks before it reaches you so that it loses most of that excess water. Any openings in your wrapper allow it to lose any remaining water.
Each bar should last 50-60 washes if kept out of direct streams of water when not in use and stored on a draining soap dish to keep it dry between uses.
We recommend that you use your soap within 6 months of purchase. We do not use preservatives in our recipes, so you'll get the best lather, scent, and color within 6 months. However, you'll still get squeaky clean long after the scent/color has faded!
Our bar soaps are generally formulated as hand and body soap, but depending on your skin type, you may find it suitable for the face as well. The "dry skin" formulas in particular would be most likely to be suitable for the face.
Some soap colors may run or make colored lather and bubbles, but we use only skin-safe micas within skin-safe limits in each batch - so go ahead and enjoy the colorful bubbles! This is the same colorant as many bath bombs. It won't discolor or hurt your skin and washes away in the sink, shower, or tub.
Each soap is handcrafted and hand cut, so weights from bar to bar may vary slightly.
Yes! We now carry conditioning shampoo bars, hair conditioner bars, and coming soon - hair soap for those that don't need conditioning!
For those with smaller hands (Shelly is one of them!), we have 2 suggestions. Soaps tagged "tall skinny" are a taller, skinnier bar shape that fits nicely into smaller hands. You can also cut a wider bar into 2 pieces and use it at 2 different sinks! A regular kitchen knife will work. Use a non-serrated knife if you don't want grooves in your soap. Win, win!
Yes! Beginning in 2022, we switched to entirely biodegradable packaging for our soap bars. Our main shrink wrap is Biolefin, a 100% oxo-biodegradable (meaning, no human processing or chemicals are required to break it down) wrap that turns into food for bacteria and microorganisms in 1-3 years.
Yes! We use only sustainably sourced palm oil, and also have many palm-free soaps for those avoiding palm oil entirely.
Each soap lists its ingredients with call-outs that indicate soaps that are almond free, coconut free, or contain coconut. However, because all our soaps are produced in the same facilities with almond/allergen-containing soaps, we cannot guarantee there is no trace cross-contamination. Every effort is made to clean all equipment fresh for each batch of soap, but at this time we do not have the space to produce allergen-free soaps in their own facilities. Please consult with your physician in deciding whether to use our soaps.
We'd love to see your soap design idea, and if we make your soap, we'll send you a free bar! Draw your design (by hand, on the computer, or in an app!) and email it to us at or mail it to Quirky Creators, PO Box 184, McGaheysville VA 22840. Be sure to include your mailing address! We'd love to see your quirky designs :)
Orders are fulfilled within 2 business days and shipped. Once a package leaves our hands, it's at the mercy of the shipping provider. Orders with 1-2 soaps ship via USPS First Class mail, which typically takes about a week after shipment. Orders with 3 or more soaps travel via USPS Priority Mail or UPS, which typically takes 1-3 business days after shipment.
Orders weighing less than 0.7lb (about 1-2 items) ship for a $5.75 flat rate. Orders weighing 0.7lb or more (usually 3 or more items) ship for a $9.75 flat rate. These rates are less than the postal service and UPS charge us, and are the best rates we can get with the size of our small business.
Not yet! We currently only ship to the US, but may expand our range at a later date. Drop us an email at and let us know where you'd like to see us add to our destinations!
Yes! We offer FREE local delivery to areas nearby Harrisonburg, Virginia, including JMU, Elkton, Massanutten, and Penn Laird. Are you nearby but the local delivery option is not showing up at checkout? Email us at with your zip code and let us know. If you're within our delivery range, we'll add your zip code!
If something is wrong with your order (damaged, wrong items, missing items, etc), use the Contact page or email us at and we'll do our best to make it right!